There are two types of bots, friendly bots and enemy bots. All bots have 100 health and move at the same speed. Friendly bots have a green Special Ops color scheme and blue healthbars. Enemy bots have red military uniforms and red healthbars. Bots do not deal damage to their own team.

Bots will reload when their current clip is out of bullets. They have infinite reserve ammo. At higher levels, a round may set one of your bots to be knife-only. The knife deals 50 damage and can swing once per second. There are areas on the map the bots will treat as cover, and bots will keep their current weapon’s ideal range (and preferred matchup against other weapons) in mind when positioning themselves during a firefight.

Every gun wielded by the bots can also be wielded by the player.

At the beginning of the round, each bot will have one of the game's weapons equipped. They will not change weapons in the middle of a round. Nobody can pick dropped weapons on the ground.

Friendly Bots
The friendly bots are Cunningham, Homer, Berenson, and Rollins, the other members of Task Force Lambda. They look different from each other, but all act the same; their distinctions really come out in cutscenes.

Enemy bots

stretch goals
All the weapons detailed under the "stretch goals" tab could be available for the bots to use as well.

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