Weapons are wielded by the player and the bots. They control how much damage each bot can deal, and how much the player can heal.

Weapons have infinite reserve ammo: characters will have to reload when their clip is empty, but they'll never run out of bullets for reloading purposes.

See the weapon matchups here.

Name Damage Clip Size Firing Type Firing Speed Accuracy Reload Type Filler Sprite
shotgun 30 per pellet, 6 pellets fired 6 shells Semi-automatic fires once
per second
n/a, pellets fire
in a tight cone
single, .5 second
per pellet
sniper rifle 95 per shot 1 bullet Semi-automatic n/a, must reload
after a single shot
perfect single, 3 seconds Xs8pqlX.png
assault rifle 20 per bullet 20 bullets automatic 3-round burst fire all three bullets
within 1 second
medium full, 1.5 seconds BA0iJwY.png
minigun 30 per bullet 100 bullets Automatic, revs up for 1
second before firing
15 bullets
per second
very low single, .5 second
per bullet
lever-action rifle 65 per bullet 15 bullets Semi-automatic 1 bullet
per second
medium single, .5 second
per bullet
submachine gun 15 per bullet 30 bullets Automatic ten bullets
per second
low full, 1 second VhQOFzU.png
knife 65 per stab n/a n/a once per second perfect n/a wm9mcQa.png

The player wields a special green version of any weapon (not counting the knife):

Stretch Goals
There are some other weapon types that are a bit different from the current FPS-standard firearms. We can add any of those if we have time, and they'd all unlock new bots and ways for the player to heal his team.


  • A wrench, which works exactly like the knife, but lets you build a sentry which shoots your team with healing bullets.
  • Flamethrower, which lets you "ignite" your teammates with healing fire that keeps burning for a while after you've stopped shooting them.
  • Sword-and-shield. The shield gives you damage resistance, the sword deals high melee damage.
  • Rocket launcher, a high-damage slow-firing bazooka that deals splash healing. Might even allow the player to heal themselves by firing into a wall at close-range.
  • Grenade launcher, plays similar to rocket launcher but the fired projectile can bounce off walls and explodes after a certain time airborne (unless it hits somebody)
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